Solar Thermal Fields

Besides turnkey plant deliveries, we also provide solar thermal fields as a complete delivery

A solar collector field can be installed either on open fields or integrated into building roofs. Our solar thermal fields have the highest heat production per land area, with the world’s most efficient collectors.

Main phases of collector field installation:


Key features of our solar thermal fields

The mounting system we use allows the amount of foundations to be reduced. This reduces costs and allows plenty of space for any maintenance work or grass cutting. This allows the distance between two collectors to be reduced to 40 mm, increasing the number of collectors that can be installed on the available area.

The integrated connections in our collectors minimise thermal heat losses from connection parts and prevent shade from being cast onto collectors standing in other rows. This connection solution ensures that the collectors and the collector field can produce and deliver as much energy as possible.

For larger collector fields, our double stanchion solution allows the hot fluid from two collector rows to use the same pipeline. This reduces thermal losses from the pipes since less piping is used. It also saves costs on piping and excavation work and allows the collector rows to be mounted even closer to each other. This further increases the amount of energy that can be produced from the available area and optimises the total solution.