Game changer of clean energy

Meriaura Energy, formerly known as Savosolar, is a game changer of clean energy. We provide the world’s most efficient energy supply at the lowest energy cost. Our solar thermal collectors are the most efficient in the world for large scale systems, and were invented by a group of Finnish entrepreneurs and engineers who wanted to use their coating expertise to make a difference by offering the world better and cleaner energy solutions.

"We help our customers reach their environmental targets in economic terms."

Only 18 months after the foundation of the company, Meriaura Energy won the world’s most prestigious solar award – the Intersolar Award. The prize awarded the development of the Direct Flow absorber, which today remains the heart of the world’s most efficient flat plate collectors.

Today, we provide price competitive and cost stable energy solutions, which help our customers to reach their environmental targets in economic terms. We work together with local companies because we think that energy investments should contribute to the local economy as well as environment. We are constantly working on new and innovative technologies to help our customers to achieve more by spending less.

Our mission

To fight climate change with leading solar thermal technology to provide competitive and stable energy costs.

Our vision

Be the global first-choice supplier to high performance solar installations.