Large solar thermal is the most economical source of clean heat for greenhouses

In greenhouses, crop production is dependent on soil and air temperature as well as humidity and solar radiation. Greenhouse operators face many challenges, among them increasing energy costs, security of energy supply, and customer expectations for more sustainable operations, which means a reduction in carbon footprint and the transition to carbon-free production processes. At the same time they need to ensure the production of food for the increasing needs of the community. Solar thermal as an energy source enables the greenhouse operator to tackle many – if not all – these challenges. 

Flat plate collector-based solar plants provide competitive sources of heat for applications requiring heat at below <100 °C, and are especially competitive for temperature levels used in most greenhouses, e.g. 40–60 °C. Solar thermal heated water can satisfy several purposes in greenhouses, such as feeding rails and growing pipes, central heating and dehumidification.


The higher yield provided by Meriaura Energy’s collectors make them particularly attractive for use in large and medium-size installations for large greenhouses

For a greenhouse owner who wants to take the next steps towards green and clean food production, Meriaura Energy offers a complete solar thermal system design and installation for greenhouse heating systems. Our experienced and skilled team can, together with you and our handpicked local partners, design and deliver the entire solar system for your greenhouse.

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