District Heating

Large solar thermal is the most economical source of clean heat for district heating

District heating has a significant role to play in the future of clean energy production in the area of heating and cooling. It is forecasted that in 2050 it would be possible to produce 50 per cent of heating in Europe with district heating, as this is the easiest and most cost-effective way for the production and distribution of clean energy.

District heating is a very suitable application for solar thermal heating, especially in networks with low temperatures (<100 °C). Solar thermal is also compatible for integration with any other heating source the district heating plant is currently using. Solar district heating plants increase the overall heating efficiency in residential and industrial areas, and the higher yield provided by our collectors makes them ideal for large-scale applications.


Key benefits of solar thermal:

These systems are integrated into local district heating networks, both for residential and industrial use. During warm seasons, they can completely replace other sources, usually fossil fuels used for heat production, or biofuels, which are currently being used increasingly in district heating production. A solar thermal plant can reduce or even eliminate fuel use during the summer season in most district heating networks. Several studies have shown that after tank storage of fossil fuels, i.e. oil and gas, it is most advantegous to store energy as thermal energy in a large water reservoir. Thanks to the development of large heat storage, it is also possible to store heat during summertime for winter use. Therefore, solar heat can partly provide heating demand in wintertime.

Savosolar offers complete solar thermal system design and installation for district heating plants

Our core competence is to understand the district heating plant’s needs and design the best performing solar system for it to succeed. We have a strong track record of satisfied district heating plant managers and owners, and with our skilled and experienced team partnering with competent local providers, we can design and deliver the entire solar system for your district heating plant. We have experience of supplying both publicly owned district heating plants, as well as smaller cooperatively owned village networks.