Meriaura Energy Oy (Savosolar) participates in Nefco Biodiversity Pilot Programme

Meriaura Energy is participating in Nefco’s two year Biodiversity Pilot Programme. The purpose of this programme is to test and develop suitable and scalable biodiversity solutions to achieve additional positive impact on the natural capital. The programme also contributes to knowledge transfer and improves the know-how of the companies participating in it. 

Meriaura Energy (formerly Savosolar) is a leading supplier of large-scale solar heating systems, used as part of district heating and industrial process heating. Company’s purpose is to accelerate the green transition of our customers, and with our energy systems the customers are producing clean heat and reducing GHG emissions. Elementary part of the company’s purpose and mission is, and all our operations aim to, improve sustainability and benefitting the environment.


Biodiversity as a part of sustainability goals

Meriaura Energy’s systems are usually installed on the ground. As a part of company’s sustainability targets, Meriaura Energy wants to ensure that sustainability is taken into consideration as well as possible when utilizing the land area and during installation works. Examples of matters needed to be considered during the different phases of the projects are scarce land resources, landscaping and biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is a major part of these sustainability considerations. By participating in the Nefco pilot programme, Meriaura Energy wants to assure that biodiversity will be considered through-out the whole sales-to-operation process, and even until the de-commission of the system, by the company and its customers.

Taking care of the biodiversity through-out the lifetime of solar heating system

Meriaura Energy has already for years taken actions, with and for its customers, to minimize negative effects on nature during the installation and to restore the area after system is operational. During this pilot programme Meriaura Energy has already gotten wider understanding of the matters related to biodiversity and possibilities to improve it. With the programme we will further increase our focus on biodiversity and define a general concept for taking care of the biodiversity through-out the lifetime of solar heating system. We plan to create a unique model in the industry taking biodiversity matters into account in all projects and in all phases. With this we will create value both to our customers and the environment.

In practise this means that during the sales, system design, installation and operation of the system, biodiversity will be considered systematically, and actions will be agreed with the customer. These biodiversity actions may be defined based on the request by the local authorities, customer’s own interest to support biodiversity or Meriaura Energy’s initiatives based on its experience from different projects.

Plan is to create a concrete tool, a check list, which would be used in different phases of the project.

This would be implemented into Meriaura Energy’s processes, so we could help our customers to preserve biodiversity and improve Meriaura Energy’s competitiveness and attractiveness in the markets, thus improving the business opportunities.

As a pioneer of green transition Meriaura Group, parent company of Meriaura Energy, works daily to improve the sustainability of our environment. This Biodiversity Pilot Programme will reinforce the environmental goals of the whole Meriaura Group.