Large solar thermal is the most economical source of clean heat for mining

Mining companies face many challenges, among them increasing energy costs, security of energy supply, and requests from their customers and end users for more sustainable mineral excavation and refining, which also means a reduced carbon footprint and a transition to carbon-free processes. Solar thermal as an energy source can help solve these challenges.

Mining sites are often in remote locations where fossil fuels are used as the main energy source; even getting the fossil fuels to the location can be a costly effort. In these circumstances solar thermal can allow for a rapid transition to a clean energy source at a large scale. 

Flat plate collector-based solar plants provide a competitive source of heat for applications requiring heat at below <100 °C. As an example, copper oxide electrorefining is a well-known application for solar thermal.

Flat plate collectors are also better at tackling desert or otherwise dusty environments, as they do not require any accurate mirroring feature to produce heat. The higher yield provided by Savosolar’s collectors make them particularly attractive for use in large installations required for mining and minerals processing.

Savosolar offers complete solar thermal system design and installation for mining and minerals processing heating systems. Our experienced and skilled team can, together with our handpicked local partners, design and deliver the entire solar system for your site.

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