Savosolar collectors are premium quality products with market leading technology innovations for best thermal performance as well as a long lifespan

We produce the world’s most efficient flat plate collectors for large-scale solar thermal applications such as district heating or industrial process heating. Our collectors are 10–20% more efficient than most high-quality collectors on the market. This efficiency will either supply more energy from an equal amount of installed collectors or allow the required amount of energy to be harvested by using fewer collectors and requiring less land or roof space. Our leading efficiency has been independently tested and verified by several international institutions.

Five reasons to choose Savosolar collectors:

10–20% more efficient than most high-quality collectors on the market

Savosolar’s collectors perform better than any other known flat plate collector for off-centre incident irradiation. When the sun shines with +/- 50 degree deviation from the perpendicular to the collector surface, our collectors still maintain up to 98% of their energy production efficiency. This allows our customers to benefit from solar heat from the early morning until late evening, even during early spring and late autumn days.
Savosolar’s collectors have internal connection hoses that minimise thermal losses in the connections. Due to the connection hoses being an integrated part of the collectors, the collectors have been performance tested with the connection hoses attached. This means that our efficiency results include thermal losses from connections.
In our award-winning absorbers, the flow is always laminar. Therefore, the collectors also maintain their measured efficiency levels at low flow rates in short collector rows or during cloudy days – thereby ensuring performance remains high on the days it matters most.

High performance, even on days with less sunshine

Savosolar’s collectors have self-supportive frames that have been tested to withstand higher loads than any other known collector – enabling it to manage fierce wind loads that may occur in coastal areas or on high roofs.

The collectors are all equipped with a low iron safety glass and antireflective treatment.

Our collectors have been Solar Keymark-certified after testing at SPF in Switzerland, and they are the only collector known to have received PED module A2 certification according to the EU’s regulation on pressure equipment.