District heating

Fernwärme Ettenheim

As a general contractor, Savosolar built a solar thermal system on behalf of Fernwärme Ettenheim GmbH for the largest possible solar feed-in into the existing district heating network. 112 pieces Savo 15 SG-M large collectors generate fuel-free healthy heat, which is temporarily stored in two 100 m³ buffer storage tanks.
This also allows the operating hours of the CHP and the biomass boiler to be optimized. The scope of delivery included the fence and video surveillance system, as well as the creation of a meager meadow to enrich local biodiversity.

The construction work was temporarily interrupted due to the COVID19 restrictions. All system hydraulics were completely housed in a container. The keys were handed over in October 2020.

A PV system still to be built on the east side will generate the electricity for the pumps in the future.

The picture on the left shows the boiler house and the buffer storage tank. Handover of keys from Jari Varjotie, CEO Savosolar Oyj, to Peter Blaser, managing director of the customer.

Collector type

Savo 15 SG-M

Amount of collectors


Collector area

1,661 m², aperture


1.2 MW
Energy production: 845 MWh/a

Transmission line

130 m, DN 200

Heat storage

2 x 100 m³