District heating


A new forerunner project on the large scale solar thermal market in which Savosolar has been involved: The first solar thermal field with double glasses collectors on trackers. This innovation has been done to optimize the annual solar production with a limited available area. This new solar thermal plant is a property of newHeat and will delivered heat the network of the city of Pons, which is managed by Dalkia.

Savosolar supply on this project consist in the complete solar field field as a turnkey solution, it means, the design, the supply and the installation of the solar collectors and its trackers, as well as the piping, until the solar station. It represents 112 Savo 15 DG-M collectors, which will reduce of 210 tons per year the CO2 emissions for the city’s heat needs.

Collector area:

1,661 m2

Collector type:

Savo 15 DG-M

Amount of collectors:


Solar power:

1,2 MW

Annual solar production:

1,000 MWh

Installation year: